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I am extending my grand opening sale on Etsy through the end of the month. And if you favorite something, you should get an additional coupon! Basically two sales!! I am so excited that people are beginning to come across my yarn. It is so much fun to talk to new people who are discovering my yarn.

I realize that I never showed you what we created back on July 31 ! If you recall, we did some sprinkle dyeing. This is the awesome results. Isn't that cool? Once again it is some of that native Colorado yarn that I have available on Etsy. Pure Colorado and Totally one of a kind. And I will be adding some more sock yarn tomorrow!

School is starting for K soon. On one of those hybrid model things - I think she will do well with it. The population of her grade is only about 85 anyway, so cutting that in half and then still spreading them out.....well, all we can do is hope for the best. Same with L going back to college. Send him off and hope for the best. Well, that and wear their mask!

Look for my posts on Instagram next week, as I will be remote. Going away in a safe socially distanced manner with the kids. I look forward to showing you all some of the Colorado beauty we will be experiencing.


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