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Fun and Frustration

As you know, we got a new puppy back in November. We also have had my son's dog, Bindy, visiting (change that - living here), basically since December. Puppy training is hard. Not as far as housebreaking - Bailey the puppy, is a champion in that, she hasn't had an accident in ages! Great, as she is only 5 months old or so. But she has a long way to go in behaving around other animals and their "personal" space - as in, other animals have no personal space as far as Bailey is concerned. I should insert a picture of Bully Dog - I mean Bailey - here, right? To prove she is adorable albeit pushy.

So to the frustration part. I was so tired of Bailey trying to force the other dogs to play, the chickens to play, the cats to play.....I was beyond frustrated, I was very irritated at the dog and everything else. My husband tried to pat my hand, I was irritated because it made Bailey come over.....just everything (and to my dear husband, I apologize - obviously you weren't the issue). If you have heard the saying, "Bitch eating crackers...." you know what I mean. Bailey being the bitch.

So this morning, after everyone left, I thought about how frustrated I was and what was I going to do with the dog all day.......I did what I use to do with my kids. I took Bailey outside and wore her out. I ran her, I chased her, I threw the ball, she was panting, I was panting... you get the idea. Just like taking the kids for a walk or to the park. I got an aerobic workout with her in the backyard. She is now sleeping like a baby. Duh. What Bailey wanted was what she needed, a big run around in the morning. Now we are all happy, the old dogs are sleeping, the cats are sleeping, Bailey is crashed, and I can work without constant disruption!

Fun part - K and I got to celebrate her birthday this weekend. Last weekend was too cold, so we set off this weekend to the Outlet Mall and lunch and nails and bad hotel cable tv. It was lots of fun.

We got sushi delivered to our hotel room. We watched people who were Naked and Afraid, something on Disney about a camp, some Crikey Irwin kid stuff, and a bit of a documentary on Tupac and Little Biggie and the east coast/west coast rap wars of the time.

We ate at Union Bistro, it was very good. K had the salmon and I had half a burger.

We went into a store for teenagers/young adults. Really, I don't think any clothes were for old adults, which is fine. There are plenty of stores for old adults (Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne - I am looking at you). Anyway, above is K in line with her new hoody which has teddy bear ears and kinda comes to her belly button.

I was super busy dyeing yarn last week and have several new ones at my Etsy store. I will share them here later this week too.

So lesson to remember - puppy is like a toddler and must be worn out mentally and physically.


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