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Happy New Year!

It is a new year, so let's do our best to be positive and enjoy the things we are able to do this year. Who knows what the year will bring? I am 100% certain that none of us predicted worldwide pandemic for 2020, so maybe worldwide peace of 2021? Who knows - anything is possible.

For Christmas I got a new shelving unit for my dyes and other supplies. So we moved a bunch of stuff, got rid of some more stuff, and I am so happy with my new setup. I'll be even happier when the Christmas stuff is put away as well!

The wood part in front near the bottom is my wonderful skein winder that I just love. Nistock Farms - I get absolutely nothing for mentioning them, they just have a great product.

Look at all that soft yarn - just waiting to be decorated in color. I can't wait to get started dyeing this year. I really appreciate all the support everyone has given me during my start up, I feel so blessed to be able to start my dream business and build it. I hope you continue to stay with me and enjoy the yarn and creations during the upcoming year!


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