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Keeping On

I survived the dentist. I get to return next month. I am grateful to live in a country with dental care. And at a time when dental care is more than just whiskey and pulling a tooth.

I did manage a bit of Valentine's Day dyeing. My poor little doggie though, he looks like us - just keeping his head above water.

Above is called Painted with Love as I hand painted it using a brush and dye. And below is done with sprinkle dyeing. I used magenta and rose pink - the purple coloring actually comes from the pink. It is amazing what little colors make up the main colors. Tiny little flakes of color. I call it Sprinkled With Love . Both yarns are made from the same dyes, just using different methods. Always keeps things interesting!

Both of those yarns are worsted weight, not sock yarns. Although I think I will do some sock yarn, because they would make great and colorful socks. Of course, one could make socks with this yarn, they just would be super thick socks.

The progress on my sock is coming along well. I have turned the heel and am on the foot. Finally. It seems like miles and miles. There is a reason knitters are known to have SSS - Second Sock Syndrome. You just don't want to knit the very same thing you just did. So people have come up with TAAT socks - Two at a Time - but I find that method confusing, so I just stick with my one lonely sock at a time. So far, I have not run into SSS, but I make myself cast on the second sock right away.

I am not sure if I am on track to finish the pair by the end of January. It may depend on if it snows this weekend! We got a state park pass for Christmas and we would like to go use it on Saturday, and then Sunday it is suppose to snow and be generally not nice out, so..... sounds perfect for knitting with a bit of football in the background.


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