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New Chickens

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The best laid plans and all that.....

You know how you have a plan for the week and then it gets all goofed up. Original plan was to get yarn on Monday, dye yarn on Tuesday, get chickens Wednesday, go on family as you know, the yarn never came Monday, nor Tuesday, nor Wednesday. I got a different order on Tuesday evening, which was nice since I really wasn't expecting it until today.

It is still looking exactly like that, in the package, basically untouched. Because today I went and got these two new girls.

They are about 3 months old, and very quiet. Which is good, because the old chickens (a/k/a O.C.s) have A LOT to say about the new ones. A LOT. Like so much that I am embarrassed, they just keep squawking, they wouldn't even stop for blueberries. And the new ones, who may or may not be stuck with the names Bessie and Tessie, are completely ignoring the older girls, checking out the yard calmly, eating bugs. Here is Celestia (we were in the My Little Pony phase when we got the O.C.s) letting me know how she feels about the new girls.

Check her eyes - do you see the dinosaur in there? Do you feel the anger?

Exciting garden news is we finally have flowers on a couple of veggies. The squash has a couple of flowers. One bean has a flower. I am looking forward to our purple beans, they are so colorful and of course, fresh green (and purple) beans are so much better than .... well not fresh beans.

Yes, I weeded after that pic. The rain has helped the garden and, of course, the weeds.

Well, here is to understanding neighbors who like free eggs and hopefully once the girls all wake up together tomorrow they act like the sisters they are.

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