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New Yarns Tomorrow

I am releasing some really pretty yarn tomorrow on my Etsy shop.

Some very colorful yarn - 80% Super wash Merino and 20% Nylon, so soft, stretchy, and strong. It looked like this while it was dyeing. And I'll be having a Labor Day sale, so be sure to stop by!

I love the vibrancy of it! Absolutely fun to watch the emerald green and light polar red merge together and make the purples.

On a family note, my son will be home attending college online through Christmas. So nice to have him home with us. They go away to college, and you think they won't be home much except maybe a summer or two and then - BAM - here they are. Living with you again for months, and months. And then a few more months.

It is fun to have him here. He's pretty polite, he cleaned up his old room very nicely, and his sister is enjoying playing Lego Harry Potter on the XBox with him. I know he won't be here forever.... so I am enjoying my time with him. But I know he wishes he was at school. Doing college social things. Having in person discussions over important college ideas. So that is what I feel bad about. It isn't difficult having him back, it is nice. Honestly though, it just doesn't feel real sometimes. None of this virus stuff feels natural or real or normal or new normal or anything like that. Kids should go to school and run around at recess and share activities. Slumber parties should happen. Dinners should be eaten out. College kids should drink from kegs. Sports should be played with fans. But they can't be for now.

So we've just got to enjoy the family time we have been blessed with - the time for walks with the dog, and hikes in the hills. Flowers in the neighborhood. And lots of dinner around the table together. For us it has been - Family game night (Saturday), Family movie night and pizza (Friday), car or computer church (Sunday). Everyone has their own time too, because we all need that!


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