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Pop in and Pop Up

Just a quick pop in to say hello and catch up. I really am beginning to see signs of Real Spring all over. Not just a crocus covered in snow. I felt very colorful the other day.

So I painted this sock blank with basically all kinds of leftover color. Darker in some spots, lighter in others, I just needed to use up some dye. I came up with the sock blank below, which is like a Sock Blank of Many Colors. All colors. Lots and lots of colors. Dark, light, stripes, thin, thick, oddly shaped (looking at that red spot!).

I believe it ended up looking much better once set and dry. Really, so much better looking.

I really like the green. And of course, the purple. And the light and darker blues. I actually like it all. It will be going up tomorrow, at 15% off. I will be listing quite a few yarns and EVERYTHING is 15% off today and Friday.

And for an abrupt change of subject, Bailey, our puppy, is huge. Giant. No, not giant, but she is pretty tall and still growing. She is taller than our dog Darby. She is super strong, and being part Australian Shepherd, she likes to push against you - even if you are another dog, or the cat or human. I see why they don't recommend these dogs for people with young children, she would push them all over. On the other hand, she is perfect for us.

There she is - sitting there, looking all cute and innocent. Actually, she is really getting to be a well behaved, well trained dog, she even has quit chasing the chickens all the time. Chickens weren't much of a challenge, since after a certain point they learned to just stand there and let her sniff and lick them. Squirrels though on the other hand, they are surprised that there is a dog that actually is close to catching them again. Some of those young squirrels don't remember Darby in her prime - we have tails (pun intended, but we did actually find tails too). Not that Darby has given up or anything but..... ya know, young pups taking over.

Well, just a pop in and catch up. Be sure to check out my Pop Up Sale today and Friday. Also, be sure to check out WoolSwap I'll be talking about them more next blog, but with their signups starting May 1, you will get a special discount to my shop, as well as to other Indie Dyers. Plus it looks like an amazing chance to be hooked up with a fun swap partner.


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