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Sister J

Well, technically she is my sister-in-law. But I read in Jane Austen books that when someone marries their brother, they are now sisters. I suppose the "in-law" part wasn't in use at that time. It is true though, we are sisters. Sisters of the heart. I adore all my sisters, both blood and in-law. I am lucky, not everyone has such wonderful people in their life.

Today is J's birthday, she is the second part of the double birthday, for the double birthday sale. Coincidentally, it would also be my grandmother's birthday, but she has been gone quite awhile. Much missed. Anyway, back to my wonderful sister J. I admire her so much. As an elementary art teacher, her patience must know no ends. Personally, I need quiet or I go bonkers, but she just handles all noise in stride. Needless to say, she is an incredible artist. Always has been.

She and I have been through some creative phases together. Most notably, we built some dollhouses from kits years ago. I was so jealous because hers looked soooo good. She paints. She does clay. She sketches. She does not knit or crochet. I know, it is her one flaw, other than that she is perfect. There is some backstory there involving her Grandmother Ruth and the fact J is left handed...... she does teach her students weaving and finger knitting!

I just want to honor J. I miss talking to her everyday like we use to, but such is life. Families and jobs and just life. Later today, our family will sing Happy Birthday to her and maybe talk to her if she isn't too busy here on her birthday because we are, after all, sisters of the heart.

Happy Birthday, J!


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