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Yarny Results

Here is the one of what K and I accomplished the other day. Isn't it pretty? I am not sure what to call it. Suggestions?

This morning K and I went to play tennis. Although we went early, it was still so hot, I guess we need to go earlier.

The garden is coming along great, We even have a couple of flowers on the tomatoes. And the snap peas are actually grabbing onto their pole - I never seem to be able to get them to do that. I still would love some rain, everything is so dry.

The chickens got into the garden the other day. They are not allowed in the garden - they tore it up. Luckily, they did not actually destroy any plants. But that was just luck. One thing about the chickens is, they are not pets. They do not like us nor care about us like the pets, they do not stare at me lovingly like the dog. Instead the peck at me and my shoelaces, they destroy things and could care less if I say something like, "Bad Chicken." They don't even react if I tell them I am going to make them nuggets - they know they are safe. They make nice eggs, but not nice pets.

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