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You Know It Is Hot!

Well, if you live in the U.S., you are probably hot. A heat wave is crossing the country, and it is burning up out here. Luckily it isn't literally burning up in Colorado. I hope that we don't end up with fires, literally having everything burn up! We had great rain this spring, which led to lots of pretty green grass and plants, which are now dried and and extremely flammable. Very hopeful we do get some rain soon!

I have been spending quite a bit of time down in the cool of my studio. I am so happy that my studio is also known as my basement, so it stays a pretty reasonable temperature. Painting this yarn blank took a bit of time, but it turned out so nice, it was well worth it. Really bright colors.

And I have been doing some laceweight yarn. I really like the way this one (below) turned out - the colors look familiar because I like using them. I really like the bright pink. That yarn is so soft - a merino and silk yarn.

K is still playing softball - thank goodness that is in the evening and it is cooler. And we are planning our summer trip. We are headed to the Ozarks, not looking to cool off there of course, but looking forward to some time away and a new place to visit.

Enjoy (and stay cool!)

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