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New Beginnings

I am a knitter. I found that out after my third child was born several years ago. Then I became a spinner. Then a yarn and fiber dyer. Then before I knew it, I owned four spinning wheels and had bought a freezer to store my yarn and fiber. The world was open to me in a new and different way!

So this blog is mainly about knitting. I hope it opens others to new and different fiber projects. Some topics will be the history of knitting, old knitting magazines and patterns, knitting projects, dyeing projects, Etsy updates, fiber festivals, and state and county fairs. And some not knitting topics too - like genealogy, camping, family stuff.

Fairs are one of my favorite parts of summer, and so far, my county and state fair are still on. I am thrilled, and a bit hopeful! I am planning a couple of projects to enter. In 2018, I won Reserve Champion for my dyed fiber.

So here is to new beginnings.....

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