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Meet Bailey

This is Bailey. She is our new puppy. She is really K's new puppy, but we all love her. Well, most of us love her - one cat is still...

First Sale!!

I am super excited, I had my first sale! What a thrill it was to see that order! I sincerely hope they like it. I personally thought...

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who visited my Etsy store! I'm going to be adding more yarn throughout the week, so be sure to keep checking. I...

The Table

I got my Great-Grandmother Iva (nee Shale) Adams' dining room table yesterday. I am so excited, it is absolutely beautiful! I can't...

Yesterday was Thursday

It is getting hard to remember what day it is. All of us are home, none of us are going to work or school right now. I woke up thinking...

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