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First Sale!!

I am super excited, I had my first sale! What a thrill it was to see that order! I sincerely hope they like it. I personally thought it was very was Tie Dye Twosome. It is hard to order from someone who doesn't have any orders yet, or any stars, or feedback, or anything. So I am so grateful this person saw something in my yarn and wanted to give it a try!

I appreciate my families' support as I get this new venture off the ground. The very first sale!

I also am in the process of dyeing a special order of mini-skeins to go with my Larkspur yarn. I am delighted to be able to offer that service. Her socks are going to look terrific!

We are about to discover what our "new normal" is like for the fall. The hybrid school year is about to start for K. I don't know if I am ready, but that is how I feel every year. It means my baby is another year closer to leaving the nest. Once again, it will be an adjustment. I just have a feeling it will be a year of making adjustments. The word of the year should probably be "flexibility."

I hope everyone is staying safe. Enjoy!

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