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Burlesque Green

I went with Burlesque Green for yesterday's False Green yarn. By burlesque, it is in reference to a parody of, a caricature of green so to speak. I still think it looks cool. Almost like an ocean pool, with the tide waving the sea weed around in different directions.

I also added some more Colorado Yarn. It has such a great bloom on it. Autumn Mix - because the truth is, I am looking forward to fall. I love the changing colors, the cool nights and crisp days. I like picking apples and berries. I encouraged the colors to run together when dyeing this yarn, the colors of fall - pumpkin, apple, raspberry - it has made an interesting mix.

And a couple of sets of dishcloths round out the mix of new items at the shop.

So those are this week's updates. I am hopeful that I will be able to do larger updates in the near future. Hopeful. On the other hand, K's school just went remote for the next week as someone tested positive. So I think, like everyone else, my plans need to remain pretty flexible. I hope you all are staying safe, and well, flexible.


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