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Now I Know It Is Fall

I have updated the Etsy shop with some new yarns and knitted items. Plus everything is 15% off with Free U.S. Shipping!! A really great deal for those who are gearing up for the Christmas knitting.

Every year, I take the kids to the Balloon Festival in my city over Labor Day. A right of passage, a changing of time, it is officially Fall, when we have been to the Balloon Festival over Labor Day. Normally it is all three days of the Labor Day weekend. We always try to go on Saturday, if the weather is good, and if the weather isn't good, we have Sunday and Monday as backup. So far, we have always seen a launch.

Now we get to this year. As with everything else in our lives, Covid-19 has changed up the balloon festival. Since we are all learning to do our things in a different way, they decided to go for it in a new and different way too. Instead of launching all the balloons at the giant park downtown, they spread the balloon launch throughout the town. Just like the firework shows, they launched from up north, and down south, and out east - not so much the west, due to the mountains which affect air speeds and lift and so forth.

This brings me to my morning. K and I set out on our bicycles early and rode out to where I guessed the hot air balloons would be launching near me. I guessed correctly, and we saw them inflating 2 of the hot air balloons in a field near us and then take off. It was a beautiful morning for a ride and we had an amazing sight. Several people came out and over, no one got too close to each other of course. I am so blessed to live on the southeast side of Colorado Springs, as so many hot air balloons end up floating down to our end of town.

It is such a magical morning when you get to see such an awesome sight with the sun just over the horizon. I really have to hand it to the organizers of this Lift Off, they made lemonade out of lemons and let us continue the tradition of the hot air balloons. I hope you all get to do something fun and safe this weekend!


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