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The Table

I got my Great-Grandmother Iva (nee Shale) Adams' dining room table yesterday. I am so excited, it is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe how blessed I am to have this table. It is one that you can add leaves to make it bigger. Now when my oldest son comes, we can all comfortably sit around the table for dinner. We can all comfortably sit around the table for games. It is round, not rectangle. It fits my kitchen so much better. So without my further ado, here is my new kitchen table

If you look closely, you can see a napkin holder that we bought in an antique store in Brunswick, Missouri. It seems to belong on this table much better here than my previous manufactured table.

I like thinking about all the families who have gathered around this table. All their celebrations, all their meals, all their tears. How many prayers have been said around this table? I am so proud and honored to be the owner of the table. I love my family heirlooms!

I think I will have to move where I dye my yarn though. I am super paranoid, I don't want any purple dye on the table. I can take pictures though on the new table. This is the most recent dyeing, just a couple of skeins the other morning. I like purple, and I like the shades of purple in these. I just don't want any on my table.


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