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Yesterday was Thursday

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

It is getting hard to remember what day it is. All of us are home, none of us are going to work or school right now. I woke up thinking it was Saturday - it is not, today is Friday.

Yesterday we headed out to Brush Hollow and enjoyed a picnic. It was really nice, but hot.

We saw this beautiful cactus in bloom. Do you see the bee?

The kids gave it 2 thumbs up.

The new chickens have settled in pretty well. They figured out the coop last night, the night before they slept on the ground in the pen. The Old Chickens are now more accepting, although it was funny watching them go up to the coop last night. The new chickens were all settled in for the night, you could hear them moving and settling, and the Old Chickens were literally side-eyeing the coop - "What is in there?" Finally it was too dark for the Old Chickens to wait anymore, so they hopped up and I waited expecting to hear fighting and all, but nope, the Old Chickens just jumped on on their perch and went to sleep. This morning it was a little loud but quieted down when I let them out of the pen.

I am about to get ready to dye some yarn. I still haven't received the order that was out for delivery Monday!!!


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