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Thank You

Thank you to everyone who visited my Etsy store! I'm going to be adding more yarn throughout the week, so be sure to keep checking. I hope you find something to inspire you.

We have two little fishies here. I decided one is a big mouth bass! I like him better with the smaller mouth, more like a "real" fish. These are two little face cloths. I'll be having a few things like this up on Etsy as well.

This morning it was quite cool, and rainy. It made me think of fall. Again. I am hopeful that we will be able to do at least some of our "normal" fall things. We like to go pick apples down in Penrose, Colorado. We have a great time and get some delicious apples. Last year, we even bought some apple wine. It pretty much tasted like one would expect it to. Very appley! The best part of the apple picking is eating fresh apples as you pick them. Raspberries too (at our picking place).

But before it completely turns to fall, some in my family our taking a backpacking trip to the mountains. I hope they have good weather and a wonderful time. Right now, my entire living room is covered in backpacks!! I don't mind, as I am working downstairs, making the basement in to my studio. More stuff out, and it is coming will never be everything I want, but it is getting to be something I really like.


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