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Sunny Sunday

I was so lazy this morning. I am the one in this household who never sleeps in, like never ever. I once told someone at work I was going to sleep in until 7 or 7:30, and they laughed, until they realized I was serious. Lately though, my allergies have been bonkers. I don't know if it is the tree pollen or the dust we are kicking up cleaning out our basement, but I am sniffling and sneezing like crazy. So I took a Benadryl last night (or more likely a generic one), and did not wake up until 9:00 this morning!! Crazy! I felt like I had missed the whole morning, plus I was sore from being in bed so long!

By the time I was cleaned up, and the house was cleaned up, it was time for K's violin lesson. She is getting so good, and I really like her violin teacher. K is the only one of my children who showed any real interest in any musical instrument. One of my sons reminds me that he played the recorder in 4th grade, the other one I home-schooled in 4th grade, so he missed the recorder thing all together! It just shows you how every child is different and wonderfully unique.

I feel a bit bummed because they have cancelled our county fair. I understand, but still feel a bit sad. I am happy for the 4-H kids, which they are going to hold some sort of modified fair for just them. The kids lost so much at the end of year, at least they can feel like they finished their 4-H. But darn it, I wanted to go to the fair - well, hopefully next year! And so far, I see the state fair is still on. It isn't until September, and it is in a part of the state that really wasn't hit by the virus, so I am hopeful.

So I don't have any pretty yarn to share today. I am getting a new blank shipment tomorrow, so Tuesday or Wednesday I will have something new and delightful to share, I am sure. Until then, let's remember the fun of previous fairs.

My socks - which I am still afraid to wear! They are too pretty.

A bunch of winners - the kids' tye-dyed shirts, my shawl, which now wraps my friend Heather with love, and the dyed fiber. We had to explain how we dyed the fiber and the shirts as part of the competition, complete with pictures.

And K - cooling off in the best way at the fair....Blessings for a peaceful Sunday.

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