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They are Growing.

Such excitement in the garden.

Two little baby tomatoes. It is so exciting that even Gimli decided to check out the action.

Isn't he cute? He is still so feisty, just full of energy - well, for a cat. I call him a very expensive free cat. He was found with his litter mates under the deck of a co-worker of husband, everyone but him found homes. Then another litter was under the deck, and she brought a box of small, cute kittens to work, and Gimli came too, although he wasn't nearly as small. Three days after coming home to us, he got sick, and had to go to the emergency vet, where he spent the night. Since then he has had two more emergency vet appointments, plus the regular appointments. Dollar Dude should be his name. But we love him so he has been worth every dollar.

Yarnwise, I did some dyeing yesterday. Dang, it was hot. Living along the front range of Colorado, I don't have air conditioning. I try to cool the house at night, and hope it stays reasonable during the day, and we have been hanging out in the basement. This is from last week.

I think they turned our rather pretty.

Enjoy the day!

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