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600 Sales!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

So excited that I reached 600 Sales. Everytime I reach a milestone, I am reminded that my sons apparently thought I would only sell 10 skeins of yarn. I am thrilled I have sold more. Do I wish I had sold even more? Of course I do! I am super proud that the yarn I sell is ready to ship and people really like it. I love seeing the projects people make with the yarn I dye.

Directly below is some Peach Blossom laceweight yarn, really soft with 25% Mulberry Silk in addition to Merino Wool.

I dyed some new yarn bases - new to me. I haven't knit anything up with them yet, but I am excited to try them out. This is a merino/linen - just a single ply. Super excited to offer these mer-lin skeins for the summer knitting.

Meanwhile around the home -

Today we spent part of the afternoon in the garden. The chickens are lots of help. You turn the dirt, and the chickens help break up the bigger parts into smaller parts. We got the top garden turned today, and I even planted some Sugar Snap Peas. Even if it snows again, they would probably be ok as it shouldn't snow much.

Here are the chickens helping Husband out in the garden.

The chickens weren't the only ones who wanted to help out.

Or maybe Gimli just wanted a free ride? Actully, he is always jumping on the Husband. I think Gimli believes himself to be completely superior to all beings. Gimli probably believes he deserves to be carried everywhere. He is quite the goof.

Also, I finally can show you the socks I finished up for my dad for his birthday. I have been working on these off and on for awhile. Here is the catch - not sure what they are exactly made of. LOL - I dyed them, but I put no label on them for whatever reason. What I do know is that they definitely are merino wool and probably nylon. They aren't BFL, the aren't my new mer-lin yarn, so... Hey, I like the color and they are wool and they were made for my dad.

Here is a picture of my dad, and all of K's grandparents at her recent concert. It was so great to have all of them together. Really blessed.

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend too.


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