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A Sparkley Spring

In between the end of the school year activities, gardening, and spring cleaning, I have still been busy dyeing up some colorful yarn. The yarn below is a merino wool/nylon/silver stellina sock yarn. You can see how cool the yarn is when it sparkles. I really love the Daybreak Sugar Sparkle.

I am loving the spring weather we are finally experiencing, so I had to do some Peach Blossom yarn - I did both worsted weight (below), sock, and silk - so be sure to look for them at my shop. And for the lightweight knitting you are wanting to do this summer, lots of silky laceweight yarns are available now. And more are being addeed all the time, like the Antique Pink Rose below.

Lots of busy things coming up - my son is graduating from college, my nephew is getting married, school is ending, finals are happening - a busy time in life. But today, it is time to get back to the yarn dyeing.



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