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I watched a show today that was about words. It was about your words, positive or negative, create an action. Don't think I am going to say positive thinking will cure everything that ails you or bothers you, I am not. But personally, I am going to be putting a lot more thought into the words I use. Let my words be positive and speak kindness.

Lots and lots of action on my Etsy site, so be sure to check it out. One thing I am particularly excited about are my Birthday Boxes. They are specifically tailored to your birth month and include some really cute stitch markers, as well as yarn and other goodies.

I am so proud of these! I know I would personally be thrilled to receive one - except I know what the goodies are!

Don't forget to find me on Instagram - 4ewe2dream. I show my newest yarns daily and announce sales there. I also talk about my great kids and cute animals.

I have a dream of being a successful yarn dyer. I am going to work hard and share my love of yarn and colors and knitting, and hope that you can feel the passion I have for this art. The sucess is if you are happy with the project you make from the colorful yarn I create. I am so excited to continue this journey with you.


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