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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Part of my family is off backpacking for a few days. I have some much needed quiet time, no one to take care except myself and the pets. It is a wonderful relaxing time.

Yesterday, these colorful little skeins were dyed. These are just for my own reference, as I was trying out different dyeing recipes and methods. The four I really liked, with deep color saturation are these.

I think those are very pretty.

I spent time yesterday knitting and dyeing down in the studio - that is what I am going to call my basement craft room. Although it isn't really a studio or even a completed craft room yet, it is getting close! It was so enjoyable and cool. Funny thing, I was dyeing yarn and had put some in the crockpot, and hours later, I was , hmmm, wonder if that is done. What? No it isn't done, I forgot to plug it in. Plug i t in, give it a shake, and think everything is fine. Hmmm, wonder if it is done. Noooooo, I forgot to turn on the extension cord........ So finally I started to actually - you know - set the the dye. Some days - what can you say.

The best part of the day though was eating my entire dinner from my own backyard. Everything (except the water) was from own work and I know everything that was used on the veggies (nothing - no chemicals, all organic) and exactly how the chickens were raised (outdoors, walking freely, eating chicken food and bugs). It was delicious.

I sliced some squash and zucchini, and sauteed it with some of the green onion. I fried my eggs and put a bit of basil on them. I ate my tomatoes just as they are, and they were so delicious. I love fresh veggies from my garden. They truly are so much more flavorful than the store bought ones. And more normal sized - I mean, come on, the strawberries at the store are huge but the sweetest strawberries are bought at farm stands and come in all different sizes! Even our guinea pig got super excited with the fresh zucchini, more so than he normally does over his dinner.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy!

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