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A Lot to Learn

That is true, I have a lot to learn. I can always learn more. One should strive to be a life long learner. That doesn't mean be in school forever, it means one should attempt to learn new things. I am learning new things on the computer, I even have an Instagram account now. Don't go there yet! It is empty. But I am learning how to use Instagram, learning how to take better pictures, learning even more about Etsy.

To be honest, today was a frustrating day. I tried new things, some worked, some didn't. I may be changing my logo again, it is hard to see on Instagram. But maybe I am doing something I am learning.

So I won't say today was a bad day. But it wasn't my favorite day.

The day was wrapping up and I was enjoying the evening sunset on the deck with my husband. It was beautiful, picture perfect. Until I stood up and realized I had been sitting in chicken poo ..... this was pretty much my face when I discovered that.

So that is another life lesson for today. Keep laughing.....and look before you sit!

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