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It feels so good when you get things accomplished. You complete what you set out to in a day, a week, a month, maybe just a minute. I finally feel like I have a routine and schedule that I can work with as far as keeping up with EVERYTHING - schooling, appointments, remote schoolwork, and trying to start a yarn dyeing business. There is a lot to do! It isn't just dye some yarn and throw up some pictures. That is the fun part. So here are some new pictures of yarn that was listed this past week.

Aren't those fun? Red socks with green heels or Green socks with red heels? Or Red socks with green toes.... so many combinations. The perfect Christmas socks!

I love the way the red and green look like they are swirling around each other in the photo above. It looks like the soda being added with the carbonation in an old fashioned soda. It looks liquid, like it is rolling around each other. And the really dark red looks really cool. I liked it so much, that I did some in a Super wash Merino/Nylon as well.

I really enjoy knitting socks. They are the perfect take along project, you can buy one skein of really cool yarn and get a great pair of socks, and people are so impressed that you are knitting socks. I have a pair on the needles with my own yarn that I'll be sharing tomorrow. I have to admit, that they might end up being for myself - but unlikely as Christmas is coming up quickly - so I will probably bless someone else with them.

I hope everyone is staying well. Every single day things are changing here, just like I assume they are wherever you are. Be good to one another.


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