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Count Down T-5

So my launch date for the Grand Opening of my Etsy store has been set. Set in stone. August 1. T-5. I am so excited. I am so nervous. Nervacited - that is a word, from My Little Pony - when you are nervous + excited. I am excited to start selling. I am nervous that I will never sell one skein of yarn. Did Bill Gates feel this way before selling his first computer? Elon Musk before the first IPO? What about that space launch? I have to assume there were some butterflies, so I am in good company.

I took K to the orthodontist today. You still can't go in and wait, so I finished this little fishy washcloth in the car. Isn't she cute?

I am almost done with her buddy. I am happy to say, K's teeth are coming along fine.

Another thing I did today, was skein up this awesome sock yarn. I kinda wish I could keep it for myself - but that would defeat the purpose of dyeing it to sell. The yarn on my new skeinwinder reminds me of my YMCA camp project - a God's Eye.

It looks much prettier here, kind of like colorful waves or a tumble of blues, purples, and teals.

I hope you enjoy the Count Down with me! T-5 and Counting!

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