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Fall - One of the Best Seasons

Ahh, I can finally feel it in the air - FALL!

Isn't it wonderful - Fall Yarn, Halloween, Winter Knitting, and those pumpkin drinks for some of you.

I know it really is fall, when I get up early on Labor Day weekend and go see the hot air balloons. Some of K and my favorites of this year are the Sloth and the Not Lion King.

The sloth is holding a branch! It is a branch!!!!

And everyone was so excited - just a few even tried to dip into the little lake at the park. I think this is the only one who made it.

We finally made a good pom pom. And by we, I mean K. I am attaching them to hats for Fall and Christmas time. They are really cute and warm.

The yarn below is some Christmas yarn - Grinch's Tie Dye which is fun. Not only red and green, but a bit of gray and brown as well. I believe there is one left in the sock yarn and three left in DK weight, lots of Christmas sock blanks too.

I would tell you to buy the above fall yarn quick - but it is all ready sold out!


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