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Finally Friday!

So happy it is Friday. It is one of my favorite days! First, I have to celebrate K being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. She is so smart and talented, so I am glad other people acknowledge that as well. Of course, with Covid, she did her ceremony via the Internet this morning. Not quite the same, but we are all doing the best we can!

I posted some new yarns on sale today - especially holiday yarns. Tomorrow, some worsted weight will be listed, I just need some more pics! If you click on any of the pictures below, you will go directly to my Etsy shop.

Doesn't that yarn match the little sweater on the snowman perfectly? Every year my mother gives the children special ornaments, and this is one from 2019. It is such a special thing to do, my own grandmother did it for myself and my siblings. If I am every blessed with grandchildren, I too will continue the tradition.

I am so excited for the Christmas season. I know it will be different from Christmas of the past, but I think it can still be great. Maybe people will get back to the real traditions of the season - reading great books and telling stories around a fires, handmade gifts, thoughtful words and time together.....I don't know. Maybe just getting through Christmas will be enough for most people, but I plan on making the most of this time where one can't go out much. I will be baking, and knitting, (and yes, dyeing yarn for sale too), drinking tea by the fireplace, and remembering the people who once gathered with us at Christmas.


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