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Hello Spring?

If you live in Colorado, you now that spring is often a four letter word - Snow! In past years, we have had the St. Patrick's Day Blizzard, a Snow Cyclone, the Easter storm, etc. We know we aren't quite done with winter, even though in between we will have beautiful weather. We had a blizzard last week, and another six inches on Sunday night, and more is expected tomorrow. I have a photo here of Bailey, who is getting really big, out in the snow yesterday morning.

And below is K after the blizzard from last week. Being farther south, we really didn't get much of a blizzard. It was windy, snowy, and cold, but we only got about 8 inches versus the feet our neighbors to the north got.

Patrick even made bread for us. It was so delicious!

My Double Birthday sale was very successful, and I really appreciate everyone who bought yarn during it. I am now low on yarn, but dyeing up a storm (during the storm). For example, Cracked Cornflower, a blueish red BFL sock yarn. There is even more listed on my Etsy shop, including more Teal Time .

And just yesterday, I painted this sock blank.

That dark, almost black line, is actually gold dye. You can see it spread out from what appears to be a black line. Very interesting. I thought it would spread more and become lighter, it did not. It still looks pretty cool. I'll update you with pictures of it rinsed and dried soon.

Until then, Enjoy!

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