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It is Getting Close T-3

Everything is moving along now. The train is rolling and it can't be stopped. Today I dyed some of that gorgeous Colorado Yarn. It doesn't start out looking very exciting. but it comes out so squishy soft. This is only one very simple process, but it is what we used this evening, as we wanted something solid.

Once it is wound off the cone, it takes a little bath in the sink.

While it is getting a good soak, we mix up the dye (if we don't have it ready). Tonight we did not have it ready, as we have never used Boysenberry before.

And then you slowly add the dye to the water in your pan, then you gently add your yarn. Making sure all the yarn is thoroughly saturated with the dye. You can see my wood tongs there that I use to gently swirl the dye throughout the dye bath. I should add, you can never, ever use your dye tools for regular food preparation of any kind ever again. I got most of my dyeing tools at thrift stores. Obviously not the yarn and dye, but the pots, measuring tools, etc.

Now the yarn is slowly heating up to set the dye. You will have to tune in tomorrow to see how it turned out!


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