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Monday Musings

It is winter here, and some mornings it is so dark and cold, and the bed is very comfortable. Tomorrow will probably be harder, as K is back on her hybrid school schedule. Sigh. I have to admit it has been nice for me not to have to get up at o'dark early and take her to school in the cold. Spoiled, that is what I have been. But not as spoiled as my dog.

So this weekend was full of setbacks followed by moving forward. On Saturday, we were all cozy, I had chili in the crockpot, I was about to work on my sock, when I realized a mistake. I had looked at the pattern without my reading glasses on. 2x2 ribbing is not the same as 5x2 ribbing. Not the same at all, and it definitely would effect the fit of the sock. As in, only a giraffe would be able to put them on over their calf. So I had to rip out 2 inches of sock, and now I am back to where I was basically. In this case, it was two inches back and two inches forward.

I would have done more on my sock this weekend, but instead we spent Saturday afternoon fixing the oven door. It just fell off. Clunk! There it was on the floor. So a fun few hours was spent watching youtube videos and figuring out how to repair the door. Husband took chunk out of his hand with the screw driver - but we did it!

Rather proud of us for figuring that out.

Eventually we got around to eating our chili and enjoying some time in front of this.


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