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New Toy

I finally got with the 2000s (or maybe even the 90s!) and got an Iphone 8Plus. Not the most modern, but an extreme update for me! My family is laughing, because for years I have said, "Get off your phone!" and now we all know who has been on her phone for two days! I set up an Instagram account, and I hope you will follow me there as well - 4ewe2dream - just like here! Be patient though, I am still watching YouTube on how to post. My sweet niece liked a photo, so I can post!

We test drove some cars the other day. It was absolutely just like any bad comedy, complete with us chugging up a hill at 5 mph! Another car they had to add gas to, and something is probably wrong with the fuel line since they added several gallons and it still ran out after we drove it in their parking lot! It was too funny! We're going to keep looking!

So that has been my last few days. Looking at cars and looking at my new phone. I am learning how to take pictures with the phone. Here is one of my yarn. I also posted this pic on Instagram. I am excited to learn more about my phone, it sure has been an adventure.

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