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New Yarn

One of the new sock yarns being listed on my Etsy shop tomorrow is below. I have been really stumped as to what to name it. The color of the dye is spruce. It has quite a bit of blue-green, and yellow-green, and blue and even a bit of yellow. While I was perusing names, I saw a name for a flower called False Blue. That is how I feel about this yarn, except False Green. It isn't actually green-green anywhere on it, just different shades and mixes of green.

Don't get me wrong. I happen to love it. I like the different shades of green, I like that it has pops of other colors. I love the uniqueness of the yarn and the colors, no other yarn is exactly like it. No one else can be wearing your socks!!

I guess you will just have to check out my Etsy shop tomorrow to find out the real or False name.


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