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Perfectly Quiet

The other morning, I went outside to stop a flicker from destroying my house. After chasing him off, I stayed out on the deck and it was ....quiet. All quiet.

No one was mowing

No one was working on their roof

No one was banging on their car

No one had their air conditioner running

And I could hear the leaves rustling and the wind blowing. I could hear the chickadees and nuthatches as they came to the feeder. I could hear the robins plucking the grapes from the vine. I could hear the flicker, appropriately drilling into the tree. I could even hear a leaf fall - well, I could hear it land, it was so quiet as it gently floated down to join the other leaves that had fallen.

If this virus has done one good thing, it has made it quiet enough to listen to what the earth is telling me. Be still and listen.


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