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Quiet Week

It has been a quiet week.

I knit some Christmas dishcloths.

Aren't they cute? Several years ago we pretty much gave up paper towels. They were expensive and they certainly aren't good for the environment. For the most part, everything is cleaned using these types of cloths - counters, mirrors, sinks, etc. I do admit, when we watched my son's dog, Bindy, we did break down and buy paper towels. I love Bindy, but at her house, she has a dog door and we don't have one of those, so at 3:00 a.m., there were issues.

I knit some fingerless gloves for K with my hand dyed yarn, Autumn Mix. She loves them. They are so perfect for typing in a cold classroom! They were a quick knit, and she really likes them.

On Friday, I added some new products to my Etsy shop, including the Christmas dishcloths. Each Friday I add new products, so be sure to check me out over the weekend.

Above is a really pretty gold and green 100% Merino wool, Aspen Meadows.

And, once again using some of my favorite colors, is Tranquil Mix, also 100% Merino wool.

I am thinking of adding matching solid mini-skeins to the mix as well. I have lots of ideas and look forward to sharing them with you all!


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