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Random Morning Musings

I have always been an early riser. Even as a child, even as a teen - my idea of sleeping in was 9:00 - even now, as an adult who works from home, I still get up early. Once I told someone I slept in until 7:00, they looked at me like I was crazy - that isn't sleeping in!

This morning I awoke very early, even for me. It is dark and cold out, with a light dusting of snow covering everything. And it is so quiet. So peaceful. Before the world wakes up and starts, there is just me and the quiet of the early morning.

Christmas is exactly 2 weeks from today. I know this because my oldest son, C, was born today 32 years ago. When he was young, I wouldn't put up the tree until after his birthday - he doesn't live with us now, so the tree has been up a while. All the decorations are up. And by all, I mean, the Nutcrackers.

Oh, you say you have some Nutcrackers too. I doubt you have Nutcrackers like we have Nutcrackers.

That is just a small sampling. I believe we have over 60 the last time the kids counted. No, you probably don't want to sleep on my couch in the living room. We thought about moving them around last year on C while he was asleep, making it look like they were walking toward the couch, but ..... we wanted him to come back sometime. They are really neat, special. See that Seattle guy back there, a sweet gift from my sister and nephew - even if we are Bronco fans. We have lots of them though. Lots. Hey Nutcracker makers - you need more girl ones!

I really like the guy in the fur trimmed outfit. So many special ones. Special nutcrackers, special memories.


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