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Spring - Colorado Style

Technically Spring has started, but anyone who lives in Colorado knows that just means crazy weather time. We have track for K, and here is how I spent most of the 8 hours I was outside.

Blankets, coats, sunglasses, gloves. It has been freezing so far at all her track meets, I am hopeful this weekend is better. Always hopeful.

And that is how I feel about selling my hand dyed yarn. Always hopeful that I will sell more, that more people will find me, "discover" me. So that is why I keep posting new yarn at my shop, and posting on Instagram, and now on TikTok.

Maybe TikTok works? I sold both of those Daybreak Sugar mohair/silk laceweight yarns - maybe they saw them on TikTok and said I must have those? Who knows. You can find me at both Instagram and TikTok as 4Ewe2Dream! That is where you get to see all the newest yarn.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring, whether it is really there yet or not!

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