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That Time of Year Again

And here we are - back in August. time just flies by, especially in the summer. Then BAM - it is time to start back to school.

Here is K and her Dad - her back to school, and he is back to work. Truthfully, he'd been back for a while, but he finally had students as well.

We also actually celebrated our 30th anniversary this year. Way back in the day, we had a honeymoon at Lake Tahoe and saw Shakespeare on the Beach, A Mid Summer's Night Dream. We couldn't exactly go back to Tahoe this year - but we did see Campfire Theater's outdoor production of An American's Night Dream. Obviously a modern take on Shakespeare, and outdoors - perfect! The whole play is done in different acts as you walk down the trail of Monument Valley Park, it was really well done. We had a great time. Look at who else came out to watch the show with us.

I've been busy yarn wise as well. Lots of dyeing, today I did some more Christmas yarn, as I sold out of Christmas yarn in July. I had lots of fun doing Fire and Ice

The balloonists are getting ready for Labor Day, I am seeing them almost every morning lately. I am excited (and hopeful) for our regular Balloon Fest, with cool balloons and dipping in the park lake.


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