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The New Normal is Constant Change

"The New Normal is Constant Change" - Lindsay, 2021

Well, here we are April 1 and no fooling, everything has changed and keeps changing. And there really isn't a new normal, because it keeps changing and will continue to change until....I don't really know when. I think we all can accept that it will never go back to the old normal. So patience and flexibility continue to be needed, they are good traits to have anyway. K is back at home here, doing her remote schooling. She lasted 2 days after spring break. L is at his grandparents, he has to quarantine due to someone in his class testing positive. His grandparents are fully vaccinated at this point, and he can have the entire bottom floor to himself. And at least they won't have to share the bandwidth here!!

In the meantime, my sock blanks are coming out and I really like them.

And here they are all final and ready for sale tomorrow.

I started knitting with one myself, after I finally finished Patrick's socks. They came out very well, custom fit for him in a really pretty green.

Tomorrow my sock blanks will be listed on Etsy.


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