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Waiting for Mail

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Waiting for mail is sometimes hard. Personally, I am waiting for some yarn. Yesterday it was out for delivery, today apparently it is being transferred between facilities.....I trust that eventually it will turn up on my doorstep.

When I was a child, waiting for things was difficult. I remember waiting for Santa, birthdays, school to start, school to end......what I wait for now is different. Obviously I am waiting for yarn at this moment. Once I get yarn, I have to soak it before I can dye it.....more waiting. Depending on the method used for dyeing, I have to wait as the dye gets set... a couple of more hours. Lastly, I get to wait for it to dry. It does dry much faster now that I have my spin dryer. And I am lucky to live somewhere with little to no humidity, less waiting time. And then, I literally can watch paint dry (or dye dry in this case)!! Two exclamation points for excitement. Below is not yarn, it is some fiber from last summer, but you can still feel the excitement (not a very good pic - sorry).

So today, in the rain, I remain.....waiting.

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