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A Taste of Winter

It has been very chilly here in Colorado the last few days. Many of you may have heard about it, as our 50 degree temperature drop was quite remarkable. Our family has enjoyed the cooler weather. We had a little of this:

And then this afternoon I felt like having a warm drink, and decided to enjoy some tea My lovely mother-in-law really introduced both myself and K to tea. She really knows how treat one to a tea party, they are just so much fun and special! She knows a lot about tea too. I miss being able to have those with her, and can't wait until we can enjoy tea together. For my own tea this afternoon, I did not go all out as my mother-in-law does for her gatherings, I did have a lovely lemon tea and some homemade zucchini bread.

The zucchini bread is one of L's favorites and he has been asking for it since the first zucchini was ripe. Unfortunately for him, this summer it was way too hot for any baking. Finally, the temperature is perfect for baking. The zucchini bread was made from our own home grown zucchini. Honestly, this is one of the few ways L eats vegetables, when he was little it was a way to sneak him veggies. And growing them at home just makes it all the more special and healthy. I also made blueberry loaf bread, but it was gone before I even thought to take a picture. Hubby made some chocolate chocolate chip cookies (no that isn't a typo, they are chocolate with chocolate chips). We seem to think cooler weather means it is baking time. It is a bunch of baking energy that has been stored up all summer.

Overall it has been a very fun having a taste of winter. It isn't scheduled to last long, and that is good, as I would love a bit more fall.


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