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Belated Mother's Day

My oldest son, C, came to visit this weekend, a belated Mother's Day. Although I was not feeling 100% due to my dental surgery, it was so great to have him visit. I got to show him the gift he got me - a laundry spinner. I know most people would not find that very exciting, nor should you under normal circumstances give your mother or wife any type of appliance for any holiday, unless they ask for it. I did ask for it, and it works great! Here is my beautiful new laundry spinner:

K and I made these using the sprinkle dye method - there are different skeins here, no need to adjust your monitor.

Continuing on, even though K wasn't feeling it today. I worked on my own and started dyeing the yarn from Colorado. I took this picture while it was on the stove, so it isn't as bright as it actually (hopefully) will be. It looks extremely pastel here, but it is blooming beautifully, as promised.

I'll be showing you the finished product in a couple of days.....I can't wait!

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