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Catching Up

Wow, this week really flew by. We have had beautiful weather here in Colorado, a bit of the smoke from the fires, but overall absolutely the perfect fall weather.

Since I pulled in all my vegetables due to a frost last week, I felt the Fall theme and made some Fall Harvest yarn. The gold and brown have this gorgeous purple undertone. Honestly, the camera does not do this yarn justice.

It just reminds me of a beautiful field of wheat. Or Heather and Gorse, which I almost named it, but decided not to because it doesn't have quite enough purple for that name. Maybe next week I'll add a bit more purple, I really like it.

So here is something that I always find interesting, how the dye is going to react with the wool and how different dyeing methods lead to different colors.

The same dye was used on the yarn shown below. BUT that is a different yarn and a different method.

You can catch a hint of the golden brown, but this yarn still has the bright yellow and purple as the main colors. Like I said, I find it interesting, you may not find it so fascinating. The top yarns, Fall Harvest, were made using the immersion method and a yarn consisting of 80% Super Wash Merino Wool and 20% Nylon. The ones just above, Mardi Gras Mix, were created using the sprinkle dye method and an 100% Super Wash Merino Wool. So..... same dye, different methods on different yarns, results in some beautiful variations. It is so much fun to play with colors!!

I hope you all have had a chance to look at my Etsy shop. If not, do check it out. It isn't just yarn, I do have some knitted items as well, and am adding more items each week. Keep me in mind for housewarming and other small gifts, as I can take custom orders as well.


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