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Catching Up

I hope everyone had a safe and peaceful Christmas. It is a weird time, normally I would hope you had a merry Christmas, but that sounds kind of trite these days. People are mourning, people are scared about evictions and job loss and underemployment, people are worried about their loved ones, so the best I can hope for is peace and safety, but maybe that is all we should hope for these days.

And to enjoy the light in the darkest days of December, a few weeks ago, we went with my parents to the Denver Botanical Gardens. It was wonderful and a great, safe way to enjoy being out and about. Nothing was indoors and the weather was perfect, not windy nor too cold.

I just love the picture above - my daughter, K, and my oldest son, C. With the sunset behind them and the gorgeous lights around them, in the snow - it would only be more perfect if we could see their beautiful faces! But safety first!

And basking the glow of the lights with my parents. It was very nice with the snow around, it really reflects the lights, making them even more beautiful.

I'll just leave you with some light for the dark winter nights.


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