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Coffee Friends

I got to see an old friend today, at my favorite coffee place. It was so great to see my friend, drink my coffee, enjoy a morning. There is something about seeing a good friend. To catch up on kids and (her) Grandkids, work and life and everything in between. A good friend makes you laugh or lets you cry. Today was all laughter.

I got some more bare Colorado yarn. K and I are getting ready to dye it, we are using some bright, hot colors. Brilliant summer colors.

A great knitting project in summer is not a blanket - ha! I did that last year for L to take to college. No, a great knitting project in the summer is a lace project. A lace shawl is great in a restaurant when the air conditioner is blowing on your shoulders or an evening stroll. Most people don't think of knits for summer, but they can be very beneficial and beautiful. And if knitting lace does not appeal, dare I mention that Christmas is less than six months away, and you can always get a head start!

And up close, I love these colors!

Here is the picture of my son's blanket for college. The colors are awful, to me, but they are the school colors. Honestly, it reminds me of Charlie Brown's sweater, but you can judge for yourself.

He is sweet and says he loves it and uses it. Now he is angling for a Weasley Sweater, from Harry Potter. I'm thinking about it, but definitely not knitting it in summer!!


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