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Going Out!

I have been out of the house the past two days. Around actual people.

We headed out to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on Tuesday. We are members and made reservations. It was hot, but so much fun! One good thing, it wasn't as full as it would normally be, I think they could have 25% capacity or something.

The tiger was playing with a ball in the water. You don't often get to see them actually playing.

And we always have to feed the giraffes.

We saw the new hippo and penguin exhibit. It is pretty cool. We were so glad we went and saw it first thing, as the line was huge when we were on our way out. They could only let 8 people into the penguin part, so.... Below is the outside, there is actually a hippo behind them in the water.

My yarn from Monday turned out really pretty and bright. I was happy with the color saturation, I like the brightness.

Today is much cooler, so I have some yarn pre-soaking. Not real sure what colors I am going to do today, but I am still feeling bright and summery, so probably something along those lines.

Enjoy your day!

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