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Dye Results - Isn't That Special?

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Back in June, I had mentioned I was dyeing and it was not working out. I was going for a black and teal. I ended up with, somewhat black, with lighter spots, and some greenish-blue undertones in some places. Well, isn't that special?

Often, I am so paralyzed by my need to either be liked or not make a mistake, that I don't do anything. Let's face it, you won't make a mistake at something if you never try it. I have had this issue my whole life, afraid to fail. But I shouldn't. Sometimes just doing it is worth it, sometimes trying and failing is worth it. So while this was pretty much a failure, I did learn something. Not to dye black with anything that way again.

So, I'll try again with black and teal. Try a different method, different amount of dye, obviously less black but darker black. And no, I won't be selling this, it actually looks worse in person. I may make some sort of Victorian mourning shawl with it in the future. But I won't be mourning my failures, I will be learning from them, building on them, and creating positives.


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