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Fabulous Friday

So happy it is Friday. I don't know why, except that it is always good to know we have been blessed with another week. We are expecting snow here tomorrow, which is great, because we are soooo dry. So dry, which is bad for spring and summer as far as fires are concerned. So, I am really looking forward to some snow. And I hear Arkansas got some snow, if they want to ship it back west, we will be happy to take it. Especially since I don't have to drive in it!

I got some beautiful yarn dyed up this week and listed today on Etsy. I listed some more Teal Time sock yarn - which seems to be popular. And since it is Superwash Merino and Nylon the yarn is a perfect blend for socks, washable, comfortable, and durable. Personally, I love it, since I love greens and teals and I love knitting socks.

Trying something a little new here, with a video of me winding up the yarn.

My parents often ask me how I dye yarn and get it ready so forth, so here is how I hand wind each skein. Before I start winding I am able to quality check each skein as it goes on the winder to make sure it is properly dyed throughout and doesn't have knots. I really want my customers to be happy with the yarn I dye.

I also added a Teal Twist to the sock yarn mix, a gorgeous black and teal variegated yarn.

And for folks who don't absolutely love knitting socks, I also have listed some new worsted weight yarn. Orange Blush. I mixed up yellow and orange dye that I had leftover, and got this dreamy orange color.

Lastly, I listed some Blue Moon Light. I love the tonal colors that were created, just a soft blue throughout the yarn.

On my own socks, I have finished the 1x1 ribbing (4 inches of it!) and have moved on to the leg, where I get the pleasure of 2x2 ribbing for another 4 inches. I'll show you the progress next blog post. I'd like to be to the calf shaping by then!

I hope everyone is staying safe. Please be kind to one another.


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