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Feeling Green

I suppose I was feeling green this past week. Maybe because I miss seeing green. It is quite brown outside currently - although the pine trees are still there, being their green selves. So that is something.

I dyed some green yarn, as well as some green and gold yarn. Worked on some Easter colors, those are still in process.

That was done with sprinkle dyeing. I am thinking about doing a video on sprinkle dyeing - it is such an interesting process, especially how the dye powder can break down to each individual crystal.

And look who is below - that is right the Easter Bunny. It really is about that time again! I know, it feels as if time is all running together at this point, but that does not mean the calendar has stopped turning. And soon we will have Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and gardens. So I did a little Easter yarn, something a little paler, a Lean Green. in DK weight - so more for hats or shawls, sweaters and cowls.


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